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Annual Report 2022

Real Estate

2022 has been another exceptional year for RINA Prime, where we increased revenue and met all budget targets.

We further increased the size of our business through recruitment and acquisitions, almost doubling the number of colleagues within this business unit to more than 300. 

Through acquisition, we established RINA Prime Property in 2022, a new subsidiary focused on property and facility management. This has added 70 new colleagues and resulted in several new multi-year contracts. We are already in a strong position in this market area and will look to further consolidate and expand our position in the coming years.  

As part of the NextGeneration EU program, Italy has received significant financing for regeneration, which needs to be spent by 2025 and has opened many investment opportunities. We have already submitted a lot of tenders for work, which will bear fruits in 2023 and have resulted in several successes in 2022. 

In 2022, we established two new offices in the United Kingdom and Poland. Our Italian clients have assets in Europe, and the Polish market is still in the early stages of ESG. These new ventures will allow us to develop our international market in real estate. 

Efficiency through digitalisation 

Proptech or Smart Property represents one of the pillars of RINA Prime together with sustainability and management efficiency. Property management of buildings can benefit of use of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). RINA has developed an avatar that, unlike common AI applications (such as chatbots), is based on neural networks. The avatar, an interface capable of learning, reasoning, and analysing the requests of the counterpart and is integrated into the CRM, will revolutionize ma​nagement and the quality and quantity of services offered.
Our IDEA RE subsidiary provides the tools and technology to monitor all aspects of real estate portfolio management through the single, integrated REF Real Estate Framework. It covers the management of Assets, Properties, Facilities and Agencies and allows our customers to operate directly on the database without requiring specific IT skills. In 2022 several new functions were developed, including complete digitalisation of contracts, with e-signing, and an App for secure tenant access to the administrative and maintenance services provided by the owner. It allows the tenant to consult their contract, download bills, failures, ticketing or communications, and receive warnings and notifications from a mobile device. 

Our strength is our integrated services

Through all the legal entities within RINA Prime, we can now cover all aspects of the lifecycle of assets, including valuations, advisory services, technical services, technologies, and property management. This has made us a leader in the Italian market and provides our clients with a real value proposition. 

For 2023, we will continue to invest in technology, sustainability, and integrated services. Following our acquisitions and growth over the past couple of years, the coming months will be a time for consolidation, further integration, and ongoing recruitment of colleagues to support our strong position in the real estate market.


Worldwide Bank Buildings (Europe & North Africa) 

Valuation of more than 3,500 international assets  

Starting at the end of 2022, RINA was appointed to supply the valuation of more than 3,500 assets located in Italy, another part of Europe and North Africa. This significant project, which covers many holdings across multiple locations, will provide the client with values for all assets based on RINA Prime's expertise in valuation and associated advisory services. For RINA, this project consolidates our brand for the valuation of overseas projects.

"Università Statale” in Expo Area, Italy 

Project monitoring for lenders  

Università Statale of Milan will be relocated in 5 years to the new area of ex-EXPO Milan. The new campus will be situated in a 190,000 m2 area and host a community of over 23,000 people. The campus w​ill be equipped with the latest generation of research and technological infrastructures. It is designed to enhance synergies between different fields with an ecosystem strongly oriented towards innovation. RINA will monitor the project for the purpose of financing and is providing multidisciplinary skills, including sustainability expertise. The project will be LEED certified.

Railway Stations and Airport Terminal 

LEED/ENVISION certification and DNSH

In a project financed by PNRR, RINA-certified railway stations and an airport terminal building, located in the centre and south of Italy, within the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Envision certification frameworks. These frameworks guide green building design based on comfort, energy efficiency, and the impact of infrastructures on communities. The project also followed the EU taxonomy ‘Do No Significant Harm’ (DNSH) principle. The project aimed to improve the energy efficiency of assets. RINA provided skilled LEED AP, WELL and Envision qualified engineers to carry out this work. 

NPL Integrated Property Management, Italy 

Global services for non-performing loans

RINA provided global services for non-performing loans (NPL) for more than 4000 buildings in Italy. The work used resources, including Rina Prime Property, REF software, NPLS Re Solutions, and RPVS Technical Services, to facilitate administrative and technical property management in a structured fashion. The innovative service leveraged the REF Building software platform for Real Estate Management, designed specifically for the technical and administrative specificities of the Italian market and RINA’s multidisciplinary competencies in the NPL market. 

Asset Valuation in Kazakhstan 

Assessment of the market value of 3,000 assets  

RINA assessed the value of 3,000 assets with a total book value of $519M in a region on the shore of the Caspian Sea, 70 km south of Aktau in Kazakhstan, the project aimed to obtain the market value of the properties for potential consideration for disposal. RINA provided a multidisciplinary team with skills in marine, real estate, equipment, and land valuation. 

Business Intelligence for data analysis    

RINA provides consultancy for a prestigious property company

The goal was the creation of interactive business intelligence dashboards using CAD and BIM files that allow the optimisation of the IT management of real estate assets. The new dashboards are connected with REFTREE, the leading IT platform for the management of large real estate assets. RINA owns the software and is leader in the proptech field and has enhanced REFTREE’s functions by integrating it with BIM and BI.  

Sustainability Renewable Energy  

RINA promotes energy transition opportunities

RINA covers the entire value chain of renewable plants in the real estate sector, scouting and searching for areas, obtaining permits, plant construction (EPC), creation and development of Renewable Energy Communities. RINA managed more than 40 development projects, with more than 576 MWatt of renewable energy produced and more than 800 tonnes of CO2 saved.  

“Quality Review” Project   

RINA strives every day to operational excellence  

RINA analysed all the appraisals carried out for a major European bank. These were residential mortgage appraisals. The data covered over 5000 appraisals and more than 650 files were reviewed to identify areas for improvement. This project improved the entire work process, reduced processing times and optimised contractual SLAs. 

Cinema and energy efficiency     

RINA promotes energy efficiency projects  

RINA helped Italy's largest cinema operator to secure funding for energy efficiency upgrades for 18 cinemas and theatres in Italy. The funding was part of the National Recovery Plan (PNRR): all 18 projects submitted were accepted and financed. Energy analysis shows that energy savings of 15 per cent will be guaranteed on each multiplex that will be renovated, with a saving per multiplex of 15,000 kWh per year. RINA will also carry out the works supervision. 

Real Estate Advisory  

RINA assists international investors to analyse the best real estate opportunities in Italy  

RINA helped an international Real Estate Investor to buy a big real estate portfolio in Italy. We carried out a strategic and delicate role in this important acquisition. The project was very challenging with very short lead times: more than one hundred properties located throughout Italy and of different asset classes. RINA provided a multidisciplinary team with skills in real estate, urban planning, cadastral and financial evaluation.