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Annual Report 2022


In 2022, we met our targets for revenue with growth of over 10%, compared with a market average of 5%. 
We continued our position as the market leader in Italy, which represents around 70% of our business, but also saw important growth in other regions. 

To further improve the quality of our service and rationalize growth, we decided to transform our structure from a centralized management of accreditation schemes to a distributed one, appointing people in Europe, Asia and Latin America as leaders for compliance. 

Asia experienced 57% growth in revenue as we moved from traditional certification services to environment and value chain certification. Indeed, for ISCC, we are among the market leaders in China. 

We changed our approach in India, switching to a focus on ethical certification, automotive, and 2nd party audits. Our colleagues handled this change well while maintaining our business in this region. 

In Europe, we saw exceptional growth of 25% in Italy in Food Certification, and we now certify around 35% of all Italian wines. 

Our organic certification also doubled to 2,300 products. We hold a good position in the Romanian market for food management systems and industrial inspection, and in Spain, we have experienced substantial organic growth in the very active food and environmental markets. 

Overall, we certified more than 39,000 companies, 96,000 personnel, and 2 million hectolitres of wine and participated in rail and metro projects in Italy, China, Denmark, Ireland, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, Israel, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden, Thailand, and Romania. 

Digitalisation and sustainability: the future of certification 

In 2022, we launched our Certification Digital Partners program, which offers a unique opportunity for digital providers to integrate their solutions with RINA digital assurance services, providing clients with a combined proposal that meets their digital and Certification needs.  

The program introduced a new way of verification which allow the collection of a high quantity of digital evidence/data thanks to the merge of traditional audit activities with the digital component. 

Data received are analysed in real-time and secured with the aim of guaranteeing integrity and immutability. Thanks to the platform, it is also possible to obtain certificates and verification opinions in real-time to be shared with interested stakeholders. 

Initially focused on the food sector, providing a way for producers to respond more efficiently to the demands of consumers wanting information on the origin of produce, this digital solution offers great potential for the future. 

RINA’s new carbon neutral certification service provides a blend of physical auditing and digital assurance with a combination of validation and verification of carbon-neutral management systems with verification and collection of initial data values. Our initial focus has been on the hard-to-abate steel sector, and we are now receiving data from many of the top Italian steel manufacturers. This innovative digital approach allows the Organization to demonstrate the climate neutrality of the product through a proprietary digital platform - DIAS (Data Integrity Audit Service) able to dialogue with the client’s informative system guaranteeing the exchange more than 150,000 data and the issuance of over 100,000 digital certificates yearly. We are also moving this innovative digital solution to other sectors, including plastics and food production. We see this as an important strategic service for the future, adding real value to clients’ products using quantitative data. 

Other areas of innovation in 2022 have included our involvement in blended learning, combining traditional methods for training (in-class, instructor-led) with eLearning content to create a more flexible user experience. Specifically, we created a blended learning path for ENEL GREEN POWER for the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of Green Hydrogen production through electrolysis technology. 

At RINA, we see sustainability through a 360° lens and have worked in 2022 to promote Social Sustainability through a Diversity and Inclusion certification pack that includes Gender Equality Management System, Diversity & Inclusion Management System, and Qeervadis certification for LGBTQ+: Tourist Reception for LGBTQ+ Community. 

Our ESG Assessment service was also launched at the beginning of 2022, verifying the effective implementation of the policies, strategies, activities and procedures of an organisation in order to maximise its contribution to Environmental issues (E), Social (S) and Corporate Governance (G) related to their organisational and production processes.  

Other new services included our Measuring Circularity certification service, which is the first to measure the level of circularity of an organisation through a rating system according to UNI /TS11820:2022, and ASFI regulation for personnel Certification, which is the only protocol for the qualification of personnel in the galenic field.