A significant organizational transformation marked 2023, shifting from a rigid, hierarchical structure to a more agile one. This transformation began in Italy, our primary market, accounting for 70-75% of our business. The restructuring involved a complete overhaul of our operational model and processes, significantly impacting our railway certification department. 

Despite these challenges, we dedicated considerable effort to managing this change throughout 2022 and 2023, also investing heavily in our IT systems.

Innovation in Certification

Our focus on innovation was evident in several key areas. The RINA Verifiable Credentials model was a groundbreaking initiative, introducing digital certificates that are secure, private, and machine-verifiable. This model aligns with the upcoming EU Regulation on the Digital Product Passport, positioning us at the forefront of digital certification. 

Another innovative venture was our unconventional training program for ENI, aimed at enhancing the soft skills of their auditors. This program involved about 130 auditors in high-level motivational events and workshops, emphasizing critical thinking, time management, teamwork, conflict management, and trust. The training included practical activities like an Escape Room and workshops on Non-Violent Communication, culminating in a personalized manifesto for each participant.

We achieved robust financial results, thanks to extensive change management operations in the second half of 2022.


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Sustainability and Decarbonization Efforts

Our commitment to decarbonization was a key focus in 2023. We were involved in significant projects like the Kuching Urban Transport System in Malaysia and the Alstom H2 Coradia Stream for FNM, both based on H2 traction systems. Additionally, our collaboration with Eni in certifying their value chains according to ISCC-EU standards supported their decarbonization strategy. 

In terms of ESG initiatives, we led the market in Italy with our gender equality certification, UNI/PDR 125, and developed a comprehensive ESG assessment service that is modular and customizable. This service has been applied to various clients, including major players like Stellantis Group and Pfizer spa.
Innovative Services Launched

GHG Projects and Carbon Credit Transactions Verification: This service enables real-time monitoring and digital verification of CO2e impacts from sustainable projects, catering to organizations seeking to validate their GHG projects and sustainability efforts. 

Automotive Quality Wall Service in India: This unique RINA service provides specialized product audits and inspections for the automotive sector to improve customer satisfaction and production efficiency. 

GO2CN - Carbon Neutral Certification: This RINA-exclusive service offers certification for organizations pursuing carbon neutrality, available through traditional methods or a digitalized process via the DIAS platform. 

GO2FS - Food Saving Certification: This unique RINA service focuses on certifying efforts in food waste reduction, helping organizations enhance process efficiency and meet Sustainable Development Goals.
Compliance Achievements

ISO 14064-1 Accreditation: RINA obtained accreditation for ISO 14064-1, enabling the verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories. This accreditation, granted by the Italian body Accredia, allows RINA to offer high-standard GHG inventory verification services, aiding organizations in quantifying and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions. 

ISO 14067 Accreditation: RINA extended its accreditation to include the Product Carbon Footprint scheme under ISO 14067:2018. This standard helps organizations measure and communicate greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product's life cycle, promoting environmental sustainability and responsible consumer choices.

ISO 22734 Accreditation: RINA is now accredited to certify electrolysers as per ISO 22734: 2019, becoming the first in Italy and among the first in Europe to do so. This accreditation allows RINA to certify hydrogen generators using water electrolysis, offering a competitive edge to manufacturers in compliance and sustainability.


Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to prioritize investments in areas like the digital passport, expected to be a game-changer in Europe. The CE-marking of batteries presents a significant opportunity, and we plan to expand our sustainability market, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Our efforts will also include enhancing our cybersecurity certification and stepping into the artificial intelligence management system certification with ISO 42,001.

In conclusion, 2023 was a year of transformation, innovation, and strategic realignment for RINA's Certification Business Unit. As we move into 2024, we are well-positioned to capitalize 


ISCC EU Certification for ENI

Certification of biofuel chain of custody in Africa

ISCC EU Certification is a mandatory requirement. Initiated in 2022 and ongoing, RINA has been contracted by ENI to certify the chain of custody for its biofuel production in Africa. The project ensures traceability, sustainability, and compliance for the entire value chain, from farmers to traders. Partnering with a major oil company, the project showcases RINA's expertise in this area and demonstrates ENI’s commitment and compliance to stakeholders.

2nd Party Assessment for Toyota Kirloskar   

Enhancing safety and legal compliance for Toyota in India

From October to December 2023, RINA undertook a 2nd Party Assessment of Health and Safety legal requirements for all Toyota Kirloskar sites in India. Working for one of the largest global automation brands, the project involved auditing compliance across various locations to applicable Health & Safety legal requirements. A new and unique service, the project expands RINA’s offering in India and opens opportunities for further engagements. The assessment provides Toyota with comprehensive compliance data, identifying any shortcomings and enhancing operational safety and legal adherence.


ADNOC is first company in Middle East to obtain ISCC certification for SAF production

Between August and December 2023, RINA certified Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) incorporating TA ADNOC REFINING (as coprocessing plant) and ADNOC Global Trading (as trader) for both ISSC EU and ISCC CORSIA PLUS schemes. ADNOC is the first Middle Eastern company to receive such certification for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production. The certification positions ADNOC as a leader in sustainability, benefiting from international recognition and enhanced market trust.

Anti-Bribery Management System Certification for CNI, Romania

Ensuring ethical business conduct

In 2023, RINA embarked on a project to certify the National Investment Company of Romania (CNI) under the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) standard. Focusing on enhancing transparency and reducing corruption risks, the project supported CNI in addressing challenges related to ensuring compliance with anti-bribery laws and regulations, enhanced transparency in business operations, and mitigated the risk of bribery and corruption. Certifying an ABMS aligns with RINA's commitment to ethical business conduct and ensures that CNI operates in accordance with international anti-bribery standards, demonstrating RINA's reputation as a responsible certification and inspection service provider.

IRYO’s Management Systems, Spain

RINA's project with IRYO in Spain, aimed at certifying its Integrated Management System, incorporates ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 standards. Covering all organizational processes, from high-speed rail operations to corporate services, the project reflects IRYO'S commitment to delivering high-quality rail services while prioritizing the safety of employees and minimizing the environmental impact of its operations. The project showcases RINA’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions and aligns with its commitment to supporting organizations in achieving operational excellence. 


Ensuring high efficiency waste management

The CONAI EPR project, running from March to December 2023 in Italy, provided national data validation for packaging EPR systems, enabling CONAI to quickly verify the adoption of company guidelines by member companies. RINA provided environmental experts with a focus on waste management to carry out the project, which assures CONAI of reliable and competent partners with high efficiency in waste management.

ISO 20121 Certification for SALONE DEL MOBILE 2023

Responsible event management

The ISO 20121 certification project for SALONE DEL MOBILE.MILANO 2023 event, held in Milan, focused on sustainable event management. It evaluated environmental, social, and economic aspects of this significant international event. The project showcased RINA’s expertise on an international level, with the client benefiting from RINA’s capability to ensure sustainable and responsible event management.

ISO 20121 Certification for MADE IN STEEL Event

Ensuring environmentally responsible event management

Like the SALONE DEL MOBILE project, the ISO 20121 certification for the MADE IN STEEL 2023 event in Milan emphasised sustainable event management, enhancing the reputation of this event. The project, requiring a high level of environmental and social expertise, demonstrated RINA’s expertise in managing complex, environmentally-conscious events. 


Demonstrating a sustainable food supply chain and responsible animal welfare

The DT FILIERA SABELLI project, which ran from December 2022 to December 2023, was focussed on enhancing the sustainability and animal welfare in Sabelli's dairy supply chain in Italy. For RINA, this is the first significant certification project focused on sustainability of a national dairy supply chain and the work involved a multidisciplinary team of experts in sustainability, animal welfare, energy saving, and circularity. The resulting certification demonstrates Sabelli’s commitment towards a sustainable supply chain and animal welfare.

Blockchain Data Verification for Citra Wine Company

Using digital technology to provide complete wine production traceability

From February 2023 to February 2026, RINA worked with the Citra Wine Company in Italy to enhance wine traceability and production process verification through blockchain technology. This innovative project introduces a new digital service from RINA, increasing data security and reliability. The project provides the Citra Wine Company with the immutable and verifiable nature of blockchain, ensuring product authenticity and enhancing consumer trust. Areas covered included the geolocation of the vineyard, control of yield per hectare, manual harvesting and destemming, traceability of decanting and refinement processes, identification of the ageing barrel, bottling, and complete chemical-physical analysis of samples of the final product.

Independent Safety Assessment for Kuching Urban Transport System (KUTS)

Comprehensive rail safety assessments

Beginning in 2023, RINA's role in the Kuching Urban Transport System (KUTS) project in Malaysia involves Independent Safety Assessment and Software Safety Assessment. The project showcases RINA’s expertise in ensuring safety in complex transportation systems. The assessments contribute to the safe and efficient operation of KUTS, enhancing public trust in the transport system.

Framework Agreement Assessor Service for Copenhagen Metro and Light Rail

Large-scale urban transport

RINA's engagement with Metroselskabet and Hovedstadens Letbane in Copenhagen involves several expansion and improvement projects for the metro and light rail systems. This long-term collaboration demonstrates RINA’s capability to oversee large-scale urban transport projects. The service ensures that the expansions meet safety and quality standards, benefiting the public and stakeholders with reliable and efficient transport solutions.