Annual Report 2021

Energy & Mobility 


km of transmission pipeline and gas distribution network verified for H2 readiness 


new LNG 


solar and wind portfolios due diligence 


of offshore and 3GW of onshore wind grid connection support 


km of Metro and LRTs & 4,000+ km of Railway Lines reached in 2021 


for the first Hydrogen Train project in Italy 

Energy & Mobility

Future mobility

The energy transition is the most important pillar in the future mobility market and requires producers and consumers to work together.

We have started to acquire contracts and are growing our business in the use of alternative fuels for transportation. In 2021, we secured projects covering the use of hydrogen as a fuel , sustainability of rail networks. The energy transition requires electrification of public transport, and, during this year as in 2020, we followed up on projects for the electrification of buses and railways.

Where the wind blows

RINA is able to leverage its expertise across different sectors, including offshore, geoscience, environment, power generation and construction, to place it in a strong position to support offshore wind developments. We saw significant success in during the year, securing contracts including ones for Sofia and East Anglia (UK) offshore wind farms. The 1.4 GW Sofia offshore wind farm will be one of the largest in the world and one of the furthest from shore.

While 2021 was a pivotal year in the strategic development of global markets and deployment of resources to support the new business unit, we have seen a great deal of success and fruits of our labours. 

Gaining references in hydrogen projects in both the mobility and energy sectors must be a highlight of the year and shows the breadth of our competencies in supporting the energy transition. In e-mobility, we secured contracts in several countries. 

We continue to invest in our international presence and opened a new RINA Consulting office in Vietnam. This is an area that presents many opportunities in green energy, sustainability and environment services, and we have already secured several projects in the region.

In the LNG field, we consolidated our leading position in the market and expanded business portfolio to new geographies and LNG assets
, with a focus on the “LNG virtual pipeline”, offshore small scale and micro-liquefaction.  

Highlights of 2021

New products and services

Alongside our reorganisation, we released several new services. These include Initial Human Rights Risk Assessment consultancy services, covering any project adopting the EP IV risk management framework. We also implemented a Workplace-Home Commuting Plant, a key digital tool to improve the sustainability of employees’ mobility to the office and contribute to a company’s Sustainability Report. 

Other new tools include RINA GENIUM, which uses AI algorithms to evaluate the status of an asset. As part of the SECUREGAS R&D project, we also developed a new concept to identify methane leaks using innovative drone and laser scanning technology. The solution enables punctual and long-range inspections of pipelines and other infrastructure, detecting methane presence down to 8-20 ppm. 

To support our focus in the development of offshore wind as a key part of energy transition, we have improved our advanced geotechnical laboratory testing, which is only provided by a few facilities in Europe.  

Our Turbidity Currents Geohazard Assessment, launched in 2021, led us to be one of the first industry players to apply this approach to a real project. It is the most advanced technical solution on the market and allows Oil & Gas subsea and floating wind developments to avoid over-conservative field design by using advanced 3D numerical modelling, capturing the real behaviour of turbidity currents. 

We further launched our Underwater Noise Monitoring and Modelling service, providing the combined expertise of environmental, health & safety and permitting services for processes and design of floaters.  

Finally, our Dynamic Crude Analysis for Topping and Vacuum Units provides a tool to estimate future corrosion rates based on the characteristic of various crudes use in refinery units. It enables clients to assess the integrity status of an asset in different future scenarios.

Looking forward to 2022

Our competencies in Energy & Mobility make us flexible and adaptive, placing us in a strong position to support the energy transition and achieve aggressive growth targets.

Having worked to establish good links between different technical competencies during 2021, we are excited about the opportunities for the coming year. The demand for energy continues to increase and we are seeing positive signals in terms of investment in energy generation, following a slow down due to the pandemic.  

2022 and 2023 will be important years for European markets with projects supported by recovery and energy transition funding and we expect many opportunities across hydrogen, carbon capture, electrification, energy storage, and the floating offshore wind industry. The energy transition in mobility will also be moving quickly. RINA is well placed to support these areas. 

Ultimately, we expect strong growth in the revenue from the Energy & Mobility business unit as we increase our international presence, continue investing in our laboratory facilities and engineering centres in UAE, Egypt, USA, Brazil and Indonesia, and leverage the benefits we offer from our multiple competencies and expertise. 


During 2021, RINA conducted one-million-man hours of engineering and exceeded 1.1 million hours in Vendor Inspection & Expediting. We carried out around 50,000-man days of onsite field activities and verified 60,000 km of transmission pipelines and gas distribution networks for its H2 readiness. 

We carried out eight offshore geophysical and geotechnical investigations, taking our overall project experience to over 150 investigations. We also increased the capacity of our geotechnical laboratory by over 40% with the opening of a new space dedicated to advanced testing. This laboratory is working on several offshore wind farms and interconnectors worldwide. We performed due diligence on more than 20 GW of solar and wind portfolios along with supporting 1.2 GW of offshore and 3 GW of onshore wind grid connections. We further carried out a techno-feasibility study for an off-grid rural community powered by green hydrogen.