Annual Report 2020


Energy & M​obility

With RINA’s experience in new energies and renewables combined with our breadth of competencies and research projects, we are in a pivotal position to help facilitate the world’s energy transition. 


Structures A&E, Mellitah Complex Expansion & CO2 Management Integrated Development Project, Offshore Libya 

RINA shows its capability in large, offshore projects

Starting in August 2019 and running through to April 2021, with a value of approximately $40M, this major project included geomorphological, geophysical, geotechnical, and baseline surveys to acquire data for the engineering design and installation of offshore structures in the Mellitah complex off northern Libya. As the main consulting contractor, RINA was responsible for all the acquisition of data, laboratory testing and production of final reports. Fieldwork included the mobilization of four offshore vessels, one jack-up platform and onshore spreads over a total duration of 10 months. The project involved more than 50,000 hours and the contracting of several external consultants. It is a sparkling showcase of RINA’s capabilities in large offshore projects.

Mapping of Ecological Vulnerability and Biodiversity Risk for Power Generation Sites 

Supporting increased biodiversity

This 5-month project, commencing in September 2020, was aimed at developing an innovative methodology to produce detailed Mapping of Ecological Vulnerability and Biodiversity Risk (MaVERB) for existing and under development solar, thermo, wind and hydro power plants in Italy. Using the most authoritative information on conservation status of species and habitats, Natura 2000, the project produced a quick and easy tool to identify production sites and activities that could potentially threaten biodiversity and ascertain which sites require necessary or advisable intervention to ensure alignment with environmental strategies and operational management practices and policies.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals for the use of best technologies to incorporate conservation and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystems in contemporary industrial activities, the project is completely based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It uses geo-referenced data about biodiversity, power plants, satellite imagery, and other meta-data to develop an effective digital map of the relationships between ecological values and human pressures. The tool helps to enhance the management of existing sites and improve the design of sites under development.

Wandoan 100 MW / 150 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Australia  

For a greener world, supporting emerging utility scale battery storage technology

As part of the Wandoan South Li-ion battery storage facility to be constructed in Queensland, Australia, RINA was commissioned in 2020 by the banks lending the money for the project as Technical Advisor to undertake the due diligence process required to support the investment decision and de-risk the project. Battery storage is an exciting, emerging technology at the utility scale, and this is one of the biggest projects in the world.

Scope of work included review of project participants, project design and technology specification, grid connection arrangements, permitting and environmental considerations, project contracts (including EPC and O&M), asset management and offtake agreements, and the financial model. RINA considered in detail the ability of the system and its component parts to deliver the proposed revenue stack and all services within it and evaluate the project against the Equator IV Principles. Following the successful financial close of the project, RINA was further engaged to carry out regular construction monitoring and reporting services along with lenders’ Independent Certification services.

Port Qasim LNG Terminal, Pakistan  

Multidisciplinary LNG expertise 

As part of a multi-year frame agreement between RINA and Vopak, the world’s leading independent tank storage company, RINA was awarded a contract in November 2020 for the preliminary design, permitting support, and preparation of the FEED technical bid package for EPC selection for the installation of an onshore LNG terminal adjacent to current terminals in Port Qasim. The first multidisciplinary project RINA has received from Vopak, the RINA team covered met-ocean, logistics, process and mechanical, piping and layout, naval, I&C, electrical, civil and structural, safety and environment processes. The project will allow RINA to consolidate its presence in the area while Vopak benefits from RINA’s expertise in LNG and experience of working in Pakistan.

BAB Integrated Facilities Project (BIFP), UAE

A benchmark project for ADNOC Onshore

RINA continued work throughout 2020 to support the ongoing asset integrity maintenance and reliability of the BAB Integrated Facilities in the United Arab Emirates. Commencing in January 2018, this is RINA’s biggest contract to date for asset integrity maintenance and reliability, covering a full scope of services using only internal resources. The RINA team includes CMMS Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Corrosion Engineers, Material Engineers, Process Engineers and Technical Authors along with RBI, Inspection, RCM, FMECA, RAM, Operation, and IOM Experts. The project will provide a computerized maintenance system for assured asset integrity, maximized overall system availability, and optimized life cycle costs.

BIFP is a benchmark project for ADNOC Onshore and is the first project with SAP implementation after the migration from the Maximo enterprise asset management system. Successful completion of this project will provide RINA with a valuable reference and credentials for future projects of similar scope for ADNOC or any other client.

Petrobras Sinergia (Synergy) Diverless Project, Brazil

Increasing safety offshore

Starting in July 2020, this three-year project is aimed at reducing human exposure during diving activities by seeking and implementing innovative new technologies and processes. RINA is using Solid Works and Ansys for the development of new concepts and its project team includes statistics, mechanical, offshore operations, and offshore inspection engineers. The project focus is on engineering actions that enable increased safety in the operations necessary for the installation, inspection, maintenance and uninstallation of production systems and use of ROVs and other technological resources to reduce the possibility of accidents and increase productivity. Although the project is in Brazil, the results will be used globally to improve safety in Petrobras offshore units.

Development of LNG Port Infrastructure Jafrabad, Gujarat, India  

RINA’s largest PMC project in India

The original contract for project management consulting (PMC) services of the construction of LNG port infrastructure in Jafrabad ran from April 2017 to December 2020. A new contract has since been awarded from January 2021 to April 2022. This is the largest PMC project for RINA in India.

Located on the west coast of India, the project’s breakwater is one of the longest and deepest. RINA is providing complete, 360° PMC services, with engineering, site/construction supervision, EPC management, financial consulting/support covering design review and construction management for the jetty, dredging, breakwater, coastal protection, onshore, utilities and facilities works.

Assan Food Plant, Turkey  

Supporting the move to circular economies

Running from August to November 2020, the Assan Food Plant project in Turkey provided support for the elaboration of an Investment Plan for a transition from a linear to a circular economy model for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Scope of work included reviews of the energy and resource management systems in place, material / waste intensity of main products and resources used in different production lines, assessing consistency with best practices, and identifying and improving circular solutions in line with the 9 R principles (re-use, rethink, refuse, reduce, repair, refurbish, recycle, repurpose, remanufacture). Market penetration of proposed green technologies were assessed, and technical and financial viability of proposed investments analysed. A high-level review of linear risks associated with current linear processes was prepared and a medium-term strategy to phase out coal defined.

The project represents a natural evolution of the traditional and well-consolidated energy and resource efficiency services RINA has traditionally provided to EBRD, providing it with a comprehensive circular economy principles-based study targeted on a single processing plant. Focused on sustainability and decarbonization, the report examines both technical and financial aspects of the plant and includes a market assessment of the green technologies available in-country.

Morava Corridor Motorway Project, Serbia  

Increasing assessment of green investments

Running from November 2020 through to March 2021, RINA was awarded a contract by the Bechtel ENKA joint venture to supply supplementary environment and sustainability studies requested by international lenders providing finance for the Morava Corridor Motorway project in Serbia. These include Analysis Alternatives, Informed Public Consultation Package, Cultural Heritage Impacts Assessment, Traffic Impact Assessment and Ecosystem Services Assessment. The project reflects the trend towards more the comprehensive technical and financial assessments of green investments from financers.

Karapinar YEKA-1 1GB Solar Power Plant Project, Turkey  

The largest solar power plant in Turkey

As part of its objectives to provide clean and renewable energy resources, the energy group of Kaylon Holding, Kalyon Güneş Enerjisi Üretim A.Ş., is undertaking the construction of the largest Solar Power Plant in Turkey, the YEKA-1 solar plant in the Konya Karapınar region. In a contract running from March 2020 to April 2021, RINA is providing an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment study in line with IFC EHS guidelines and performance standards and Equator Principles IV. Water is scarce in the area and biodiversity features are a main concern. The RINA team handled a mid-project change from Equator Principles III to Equator Principles IV, which required additional studies within the timescales of the project.

Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF), Moldova  

Supporting a greener future

Starting in the final quarter of 2020 and with a budget of €700k, the consortium of RINA and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is supporting the implementation of the Moldova Green Economy Financing Facility, designed to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources. The project is aimed at transferring strategic know-how and raising awareness about modern energy performance and environmental standards to support the creation of a demand-driven, self-sustaining market for in investments in high performance technologies and services to support a green economy.

Data Centre Grid Connection Design in Netherlands, Belgium and Finland

Driving efficiency through standardisation

In 2020, RINA was contracted by one of the largest data centre operators in the world to review and ensure alignment with all relevant international standards for the standardisation of the design of the connection of its data centres to the power grid. Data centres require a huge amount of secure power and, by standardising design, this project brings in best practice for operations to reduce costs, make operations more sustainable and lower system losses. As a more efficient solution, the new design will reduce the energy required to operate the centres, saving costs, and helping the environment.

Droogfontein 2. South Africa  

Working towards sustainability and decarbonization

Running from October 2018 to a successful conclusion in July 2020, RINA undertook the Owner’s Engineering assignment for the construction phase of the 75MW Droogfontein 2 photovoltaic project, located new Kimberly in Northern Cape Province, South Africa. The project was RINA’s first utility scale construction phase Owner’s Engineering assignment in South Africa, giving an excellent reference for future projects. RINA provided holistic services encompassing support on contractual/commercial matters, through detailed engineering design to provision of full-time, site-based engineering resources, to monitoring of the construction.

Buy-back of LRT Line, Jerusalem, Israel    

This project highlights RINA’s competencies for this critical service, consolidates its position in the Israeli market, and demonstrates resilience, adaptability and innovation to meet planned deadlines and provide high quality technical delivery even with the challenges presented by the pandemic. 

This project highlights RINA’s competencies for this critical service, consolidates its position in the Israeli market, and demonstrates resilience, adaptability and innovation to meet planned deadlines and provide high quality technical delivery even with the challenges presented by the pandemic.

According to the Concession Agreement for the Jerusalem Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, the Government of Israel is entitled to buy-back the existing LRT system after 7 years from the official commencement of operation. In a project beginning in June 2020, RINA was contracted to play a crucial role in managing and coordinating this buy-back process between the Government of Israel and the LRT system Concessionaire, by addressing all outstanding issues, from contractual matters to specific technical aspects. Scope of work comprised the appraisal of the LRT systems, including rolling stock, prior to its hand-over with assessment of any deficiencies or defects as well as its state of maintenance, general condition, and status of the Light Rail Vehicles (LRV) systems and operation.

A large part of the on-site inspections require were required to be carried out remotely due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, with RINA experts supporting local staff using the remote Smart Helmet. This enabled the different LRT systems to be inspected in real time and resulted a deep technical analysis of the status of the line and its related infrastructure.

Bus Public Transport Electrification, Italy    

The economical quantification of environmental benefits of public transport electrification

Starting in June 2019, RINA has been preparing feasibility studies for the replacement of conventional buses to electric for specific lines and cities in Italy. This is a systematic approach to determine which lines are economically viable for transition to electric using a methodology to optimise bus utilisation based on battery re-charging times to enable competitive conversion. The studies provide a consolidated technical evaluation of the impacts on costs and operations derived from the migration to electric technology.

Activating Circular Services in the Electric and Electronic Sector (C-SERVEES)      

Improving supply chain efficiency, reducing waste, and lowering CO2 emissions

Running from May 2018 to April 2022, C-SERVEES is a co-funded European project aimed at boosting a resource-efficient circular economy in the electric and electronic sector. The project uses development, testing, validation and transfer of new circular economic business models (CEBMs) based on systemic eco-innovative services that include eco-leasing of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), product customization, improved WEEE management, and ICT services to support other eco-services.

The proposed ICT platform will enable users to assess an optimise the whole life performance of products, while contributing to the development of more resource-efficient, sustainable behaviour. It will create a direct engagement mechanism between different actors across the entire EEE value chain and will promote the re-use, repair and the efficient recovery of target products and materials. RINA is developing a Logistic Platform for the sustainable transportation of WEEE from collection points to treatment/recycling sites and on to manufacturers for the re-use the recovered materials.

Econometric and Engineering Model for Railway Services, Italy  

Innovative modelling to determine selling prices in the railway sector 

Running from April 2019 to December 2020, this project identified an overall econometric and engineering model for determining the operating, maintaining and renewing total and marginal cost of an additional traffic unit for the Italian railway network. RINA’s activities focused on the engineering model, which allows for the calibration of the generic econometric model developed by another company, and the integration between the two models. The engineering model evaluates wear caused by different types of vehicles on rail infrastructure. Using a ‘bottom-up’ approach, it determines the weighting of factors to be considered in the econometric model for the calculation of the selling price of each track for each type of vehicle, in line with the new rules and criteria defined by the Transport Regulation Authority. Testing and calibration were carried out by comparing predicted outputs with historical data. This is the first time this kind of model has been developed to determine operating and maintenance costs for each train travelling in Italy.


European cities can become a living lab for the demonstration of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. EVERYWH2ERE integrates fuel cells and hydrogen technologies into easy to install, easy to transport gensets. This technology is being tested in construction sites, music festivals and urban public events all around Europe, demonstrating their flexibility and their enlarged lifetime. Demonstration results will be capitalized towards the redaction of three replicability studies for the use of the gensets in new contexts such as emergency and reconstruction sites, ships cold ironing in harbors, mining industrial sites and for the definition of a commercial roadmap and suitable business model for the complete marketability of the gensets within 2025.

EVERYWH2ERE has been awarded with the Best OutReach Award by the FUEL CELLS AND HYDROGEN JOINT UNDERTAKING during the European Hydrogen Week.

BP, TORTUE Phase 1      

Global growth and strong relationships

As a result of our commitment to strengthen relationships with BP, RINA was awarded a 10 M€ contract for Tortue Phase I, a development project in offshore Mauritania and Senegal managed by BP Mauritania Investment. The project will produce gas from an ultra-deepwater subsea system and mid-water floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) vessel, which will process the gas, removing heavier hydrocarbon components. The gas will then be transferred to a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facility at an innovative nearshore hub located on the Mauritania and Senegal maritime border. RINA will be assisting BP with Vendor Inspection & Expediting services for the construction of the Hub, the Subsea system and the FPSO. The agreement will let RINA operating on a worldwide basis on the supply chain of this project at least for the next two years; furthermore the customer has already had the opportunity to benefit from our digitalized services.

On Site Maintenance Engineering Service Contract in Iraq  

An outstanding achievement in the Operation & Maintenance

Operations in Middle East have been outstanding in 2020 and we are proud to announce the award of 3 years On Site Maintenance Engineering Service Contract from ENI Iraq, for an overall amount of 12M€, this is a huge achievement for our organization underlining the interest in that country and being recognized as a valid support in the field of the Operation & Maintenance. RINA Technicians operating at customer’s site will be supporting client’s operators in manage and plan maintenance activities. Our team of experts will cover a wide range of disciplines, from electrical and instrument to mechanical – both rotating and static. The team will also include CMMS specialists, planners and schedulers, cost controllers and material managers.

Project Management, Engineering and Supervision Services in Angola  

A new huge contract in Africa

It is worth mentioning that big projects in the Oil & Gas markets see Africa as fruitful and while projects were coming to completion in 2020, like OCTP Ghana, new ones are going to started. Our 2020 goal in Africa is the awarding of a Project Management, Engineering and Supervision Services (PMESS) contract for Block 15/06 in Angola. A three-year agreement previously held by a competitor (BV) which amount is close to 25 M$ and strength once again our cooperation with ENI. The scope of work includes Project Management & Control Services, Engineering Services, Construction and Installation Services, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Services and Production, Operations & Maintenance Readiness Services. Nonetheless, RINA will be supporting ENI with QHSEA related services. The activities will be carried out, as per client request, at the Company Office and worksite locations based in Luanda (Angola) and offshore. Additional services based on ENI Angola Requirements can be provided from home office and in other countries outside Angola.

Nxuba, Garob and Oyster Bay wind farms 

Strong Activity in Renewables

2020 saw strong activity in field and inspection services for the renewables sector. This included support for Enel Green Power during the development phase of various projects. We have actively supported the customer for Nxuba, Garob and Oyster Bay projects all based in South Africa and all foresee the development of wind farms. The Nxuba will enable the full production of 460 GWh per year to the grid. The Garob, located in the Northern Cape province, is expected to generate around 573 GWh annually once fully operational in the first half of 2021 and the Oyster Bay will be capable of generating around 568GWh of power per year and eliminate around 590,000t of carbon dioxide annually. These activities, worth more than 1 M€ in revenues, are a great move towards the diversification in the provision of Field and inspections services. RINA, during the 2020, has assisted ENEL Green Power in the development of renewable project also in Brazil, Chile, Perù and Australia.

Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Pipeline  

Serving a top-priority infrastructural project in the middle east region

In early 2020, RINA secured a €13M contract for the provision of consultancy services for the construction of the Turkmenistan section of the TAPI pipeline. The project will run for four years.

TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) is of the top-priority not only for the participating countries, but also for both Central and Southern Asia. One of the richest gas fields Galkynysh will feed 1814 km pipeline with up to 33 bcm/year in the final stage. The development of the “Galkynysh” gas field and the construction of the 56″ gas pipeline of approximately 214 km from gas field to the Turkmenistan/Afghanistan border and related compressor stations are being undertaken by SC Turkmengas. Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is providing $700M for the construction of the pipeline in Turkmenistan, under the agreement signed with the Government of Turkmenistan in October 2016. The contract secured by RINA, foresee the provision of support services such as Project and contracts management, Engineering Review, Project controlling, Construction and Commissioning Supervision and also Training and Technical support for managing the offering stage of EPC contracts. The team

ISAB Turn Around 2020  

Strong commitment for the downstream in Italy

Finally, with reference to the strategic move from upstream to downstream, from Capex to Opex, from Construction to O&M and Decommissioning, is worth mentioning our deep involvement during the ISAB Refinery (Sicily, Italy) Turnaround. During this experience we deployed more than 60 technicians in the period of the TA (end of 2020) and we got the confirmation from our customer in terms of satisfaction, punctuality and technical consistency.


The diversification of the business allowed us to be awarded with a contract from Adnoc for the supervision of the construction of a solar farm and, in late 2020, to secure an important contract with SBM in Netherlands to provide support services during the construction of various new FPSO.